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Kountze Commons Community Outreach Center was created to serve our city’s most vulnerable members with complex health and life issues. A unique integrated health care delivery model was formed with community and professional partners. We are leading the nation toward an integrated care model that services the whole person through a unique partnership of four entities co-located in one building: The Del and Lou Ann Weber Free Healing Gift Clinic and a fully licensed pharmacy, Methodist Community Health Clinic, Lutheran Family Services behavioral health, and the Kountze Food Pantry. A typical vulnerable person in our community does not have just one health issue, but rather faces multiple underlying issues – chronic health issues overlaid with food insecurity and behavioral health challenges.


Kountze Commons aims to fulfill its mission in the community and beyond by providing crucial life-saving services to those who need it most. The vision of Kountze Commons is to engage with community partners at an accessible location to provide food assistance, primary health care, behavioral health care,

and social services to vulnerable populations in Omaha.


The services provided at Kountze Commons not only strengthen the community and the surrounding neighborhoods by nurturing health and nourishing families—they are also an act of solidarity in standing with those most vulnerable in our community. Providing services to our brothers and sisters in need through the free clinic and pharmacy, pantry, Lutheran Family Services, and Methodist partnerships at Kountze Commons Community Outreach Center is truly an act of love and welcome.

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